The Notorious Finster

Annie Sullivan, an award-winning writer of the exploits of the notorious serial killer Finster, is a trusted source of the lead investigator, Detective Sam Brady. Together they share valuable information regarding the pattern and nature of the attacks, including taped confessions justifying the selection of his victims and the investigation’s lack of success. At the same time, Annie, a recovering alcoholic, moves from the city out to a nearby rural community to better focus on her marriage and sobriety. After a terrifying run-in with a local stranger, Annie, along with her brassy new friend, Reyna, begin investigating if she has, in fact, moved closer to the actual killer himself.

2024 · Thriller · Crime · 106 MIN

Directed and Written by Robert Henderson

Produced by Colleen Henderson and Brian K. Landis

Starring: Amanda Evan​, Britton Webb, Lindsay Corriveau​, Brian Anthony Wilson​ and Brian K. Landis