Casting Breakdowns

Feature Film

Filming Sept 18-Oct 13, 2023 in the Ashland, OH Area

Send headshot and resume to [email protected]

In your email, please make a note of the character(s) you are submitting for.

Synopsis: Post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror. As mind-altering parasites take over a small town, a trio of women in lockdown are dragged into a fight for survival and revenge.

Rates: $200/day for Lead and Supporting. $125/day for Day Players

Becky (Lead)
Female, 27-35, Any Ethnicities
As a social butterfly stuck in lockdown, Becky is desperate to regain some sense of community. In desperation, she sells out her closest friends in a Faustian bargain for a chance at a “normal” life in the midst of a new normal. As the consequences of her fateful actions close in, Becky must become the monster she used to run away from. Role requires partial non-sexual nudity. Must be willing to shave head for role.

Rose (Lead)
Female, 25-35, Caucasian
Rose is a gifted tinkerer, a clean freak, and a fiercely loyal companion, buoyed by a childlike sense of wonder. In her first queer relationship after embracing her sexuality, Rose strives to move beyond her upbringing in the strict Amish community that she left as a teenager. Must be willing to shave head for role. Role requires partial non-sexual nudity.

Hannah (Lead)
Female, 18, Caucasian
Hannah is an Amish teenager who, due to the recent upending of civilization, is not able to participate in the tradition of Rumspringa in the face of the dangers of the world beyond. She’s curious, rebellious, and eager to learn about the world outside the bounds of Amish country. But in a post-apocalyptic world gone insane, she’s never sure where the lines are until after she crosses them. Role requires brief non-sexual nudity. Must be willing to shave head for role.

Alice (Supporting)
Female, 40-50, All Ethnicities
Grieving the loss of her only child, Alice is a woman of strong faith and deep doubts. The owner of a post-apocalyptic cafe in a small town, Alice takes the newest addition to the community under her wing. Her grief will create a monster that grows beyond her control as do her own doubts about the righteousness of her beloved community.

The Dudette (Supporting)
Female, 30-50, All Ethnicities
As a lifelong midwestern rancher, the Dudette knows someone has to do the dirty work. As the brutal enforcer of an oppressive order, her quest is to break unruly humans into submission. No one is quite sure if the Dudette is a pragmatist or a true-believing zealot, least of all herself.

Mayor Joshua (Day Player)
Male, 35-60, Caucasian
Part politician, part preacher, part AM radio pundit, his folksy charm underlines a conviction that hate goes down easier with a spoonful of sugar.

Karl (Day Player)
Male, 40-55, All Ethnicities
A grieving father and small business owner. A soft-spoken hard worker who supports his more ambitious wife.

Tommy (Day Player)
Male, 14-16, All Ethnicities
A precocious teenager who takes dares a little too seriously.

Moses (Day Player)
Male, 45-55, All Ethnicities
A stoic and strict Amish father who lives by The Book. Estranged from one daughter, he’s trying to hold onto the other.

Matthew (Day Player)
Male, 30-40, All Ethnicities
An everyman father trying to keep his family together in a tidal wave of social upheaval.


Casting Breakdowns

Feature Film

Filming Sept 4-19, 2023 in the Ashland/Mansfield, OH Area

Send headshot and resume to [email protected]

In your email, please make a note of the character(s) you are submitting for.

Synopsis: Supernatural thriller. A young funeral home employee transporting a corpse on a long-distance overnight drive must use her wits to survive when she finds herself in the sights of a nefarious escaped serial killer.

  • Autumn “Audie” Murphy (Lead)
    • Female, Early 20s, All Ethnicities
      • Must be fit enough to run and hike with athletic-to-stunt ability. The girl-next-door that no one pays attention to, Audie is a college student unsure of her role in life. Audie is smart and intuitive but unsure of herself. Sheltered by her grandmother, Audie is looking to break out of her shell and find adventure.
  • Leonard “The Baptist” Beale (Lead)
    • Male, Late 40s to Early 50s, All Ethnicities
      • This is a physically demanding role involving significant action as well as special makeup effects. The source of urban legends, Beale is a very real serial killer known as “The Baptist” for the way he drowns his victims. He has a dark interior with a powerful, lean exterior. Beale is a chameleon with an intense, forbidding presence who can hide in plain sight. He’s perceived by many as “evil,” but there’s more than meets the eye.
  • Special Agent Max Hoover (Supporting)
    • Male, Early 50s, All Ethnicities
      • Hoover is a career dedicated and hardened FBI agent who isn’t above crossing a line or two. Hoover is driven by his obsession with capturing serial killer, Beale “The Baptist,” dead or alive, preferably dead, and putting an end to his reign of terror. Hoover sees Beale as a cold, brutal, psychopath whose depravity knows no bounds.
  • Dr. Cleo Foster (Supporting)
    • Female. Early 40s, All Ethnicities
      • Dr. Foster is a YouTube podcaster known as “The Soulful Psychic.” She specializes in darker content about the evil that lurks among us today. She is a true believer. In terms of personal style, she is a retro throwback to the late 60s but has a wide appeal with the younger generation of today. She understands the truth of Beale and the evil within him.
  • Nick Donner (Supporting)
    • Male, Early 20s, All Ethnicities
      • This is a physically demanding role. Nick is a charming hipster and college dropout in search of the bigger party. Nick’s philosophy is to work less and find the easy way to everything.
  • Rodney Belvedere (Supporting)
    • Male, Late 40s, All Ethnicities
      • Belvedere is a mortician and owner of the premiere funeral home in town. Impeccably dressed and overly friendly, Belvedere hides a few skeletons in his closet.
  • Mrs. Beverley Evans (Supporting)
    • Female, Late 60s to late 70s, All Ethnicities
      • Mrs. Evans is the matriarch of the Evans family farm. She is a bit forgetful but is feisty and speaks her mind. A self-sufficient widower with a breathing condition who refuses to go into assisted living. Mrs. Evans is everybody’s favorite grandmother.